The Cat Person’s Multiplication Table

This is a cute little verse about how you can find yourself collecting cats without realizing you’re doing it.  It’s been around for years, I’ve seen framed versions for sale in stores as well as seeing it passed around the internet in several places:

The Cat Person’s Multiplication Table

One cat needs a friend

so then you have two.

Somehow a third comes along

and what can you do?


The fourth was so sad-eyed

and needed a home

But when you picked her up

her sister came along.


The neighbor moved out

and guess what–left the cat!

How can people abandon

a sweetheart like that!!


The kind elderly lady

down the block passed away

She left you her darling

Now he has to stay.


People always find you

bringing sad stories and strays

You say “No, I can’t!”

But in the end, the cat stays.


You’re a bona fide Cat Person

A huge heart and veterinarian bill

You swear you’re getting rid of them all!

(But, of course, you never will.)

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