This is a view of our enclosed outside cat pen, from May 1, 2016.  Note the avian serenade…::sigh::  The little feather-dusters get too enthusiastic when the sun comes up, I swear they’re enough to wake the dead! They do provide great entertainment for the felines, though.  Especially the few overly brave feather-heads who come down and land in the pen–those tend to migrate into the house as rather messy snacks, unfortunately.  We’ve learned that we unfortunately can’t do anything for the little birds once they’re caught; the poor things die of shock, even if they’re otherwise unharmed.

Towards the end of this shippet, the white cat descending from the apple tree is Fonzerelli Fuzzlenuts, who was just barely one year old here.  Kronan is the black & white cat sitting in the grass observing him.

It’s finally up!

It’s finally online! We hope somebody and their cat(s) will be helped by all of the information compiled here–or at least entertained by the cute little pictures! The Kitti-forms were all scribbled by yours truly, “Brainicat”.  Feel free to leave a comment!